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Blurry Lights

How to submit?

​Step 1 : Festival Rules

Familiarize yourself with the rules of the festival. 

​Step 2: Make a Film

Make films with your students. You can use our pedagogical kits, be inspired by our resources page, or carry out a project that you have already developed for your students.

​Step 3: Parental Consent

Sign and complete the parental consent form for the film. If the film is being made as a team, it is absolutely necessary to fill out a form for each participating student regardless of their role or contribution to the film (director/camera/actor/sound engineer etc.). Please submit the form(s) as a single PDF.

​Step 4: Submit to the Festival

Fill out the submission form in which you must submit the consent form(s), the film file and all the film credits (participants and their roles, ages and grade level, title, length, short description) before 15 May 2024.

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